A day with Aunty Kitchy πŸ’™

Today I had the whole day with my godson Lincoln. His child minder is on holiday this week so I have him both Tuesday and Thursday.

I always make sure we have a fun, jam packed day with Aunty Kitchy, as he’s only 2 1/2 years old we can’t quite say Kitty yet…

As soon as we got home he wanted to know where my chickens were, they’re definitely his favourite of all the animals in my house (and there’s a lot!) so we went outside to feed the girls.

After the chickens had been fed we went inside where he removed every toy from Georgie’s box (his mum had packed toys for him to play with but they weren’t nearly as interesting as the dog’s!) and threw every single one for her to fetch, something Georgie thoroughly enjoyed! When the toys ran out Lincoln asked if we could watch the Lion King, unfortunately I don’t have this on DVD and it’s not on Netflix so I put on Madagascar, that had a lion in it and he didn’t seem to notice…?

Cup of tea for me, jammy dodger in each hand for him πŸ˜‚

We went into Wells to meet my mum on her lunch break, I had the biggest fish finger sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.

I couldn’t finish it! But Lincoln devoured his yoghurt raisins, sausage roll, quavers and cube of cheese that his mum had packed him (and of course he helped me with my fish too!) followed by a bit of chocolate cake, for him, I was too full.

When my mum’s break was over we walked her back to work, with Lincoln repeatedly telling her “Get back to work!” As we walked down the high street, unfortunately he’s at the stage where he repeats everything you say – not always straight away but you can bet something you said will always pop up sooner or later!

We waved goodbye to Kitchy’s mum and headed to the park for half an hour. Of course he wanted to go on the bigger climbing frame and the biggest slide, the area designated to his age group just wouldn’t do and we especially like watching a 5 ft 3 Kitchy struggle to reach. But he had lots of fun and that’s the main thing!

After the park we headed back home to walk Georgie. Lincoln insisted on holding her lead so I compromised and let him hold the end while I held the middle, just in case she made a run for a squirrel or something…

How cute do they look?! Melts my heart.

About 2 minutes away from being back at the house Lincoln turned to me and said: “Kitchy? I’m a bit tired…” His exact words I kid you not! He’s such a character. So when we got back we snuggled up on the sofa and I put on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. Lincoln LOVES fish and anything aquatic! As he has a tropical fish tank at home I thought this would be the next best thing (come on cartoons just aren’t the same) he was fascinated by it! Comparing his own whales to the ones on the screen.

But he only got about 10 minutes in before he passed out and by the time he had woken up it was time to go home!

He had the best day! He ran out of my car and up his garden steps proclaiming how he’s was going to tell Mummy and Daddy about how he went to the park! His mum has since messaged me telling me how he’s been talking all about his day all evening!

I’m so glad he enjoyed his day. I love my days with my little man πŸ’™

K x


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