Pastel Stationary

I’m a lover of all things stationary, you wouldn’t believe how excited I got when they opened a Paperchase in my local shopping village, my mum laughed but deep down she loved it too! She doesn’t know it but we’ll be going back after pay day… I also love pastel colours, pinks, blues, greens, I love them all. Anyone who knows me will know that my Pinterest is full of Pastel coloured home decor ideas.

Whenever I go to my nearest Tesco I always take a sneaky detour down the stationary isle… And this time I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Not only did they have a large collection of pastel blue stationary it was all on sale! I had so much to choose from, so I narrowed it down to the following:

Collection of Post-it Notes

I love using post-it notes, aside for making lists it’s the best way that I remember to do tasks. Even better this collection has large to do list post-it’s! Which combines the two. Perfecto! Will definitely be making great use of these!

‘Busy Blogging’ Notebook

Now this wasn’t a pastel colour, or in the sale, but I thought it was so fitting! This cute little number is now my new blogging planner (what else am I going to write in there?!) and I love the sparkling writing on the front.

Striped Notebook

Can never have too many note books! Cream and blue stripes? Yes yes yes! Need I say more?

Pencil Pot

The little white pot is split into three sections and contains a couple of pens, a push up pencil (who remembers those from back at school?!) a ruler and a pair of scissors, all in pastel blue. All the essentials in one little pack, perfect!

Ribboned Paperclips and Butterfly Clips

Admittedly I don’t really use paperclips or butterfly clips but they were so cute and only a pound, I couldn’t resist! So I’m now using them as little book marks.

Since writing this blog post I paid a visit to my local Morrison’s (I only went in for dog food, but when there’s time to spare why not venture into the stationary and the home isles?) and FINALLY they have got in the baby pink and marble stationary collection I’ve had other people tell me about! Yessss!

Apologies for the bad photo but the lighting was bad as it was late afternoon, but I wanted to get the photo in this post. I love the dark evenings that come with the Autumn and Winter months, makes the evenings so cosy! But it’s not very good for taking photos!

Who else is a lover of stationary??

K x


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