New Winter Coat & Candles

Today I went shopping with my mum and her friend, who is visiting for the weekend with her husband and their labradoodle Coco.

We decided to go to a little shopping village near to us called Clark’s, I only really wanted to go to Paperchase and Yankee Candle but they wanted to start in Next and I’m glad they did because I found my new winter coat!

If I’m honest it’s not really a style I would usually go for but when I saw it I instantly fell in love, that and it was the last one on the rail and my size, it was fate! It’s so warm and cosy… I love it!

Finally we got around to going to Yankee Candle, I was super excited because they had released their festive range (thank you Vic for the heads up – I think we may have the same candle…) my first Christmas candle of the year! It’s called Home for the Holidays, it was between that one and one called All is Bright but it didn’t have the same ‘Christmassy’ feel to it. I also bought one called Moonlight, which smells so dreamy yet subtle, to burn until closer to the time that it’s ‘acceptable’ to start getting festive…

And finally I got my brother’s birthday card (a novelty one of course! Because me and my brother don’t do serious, especially when it comes to birthday cards) and some pink Hello Kitty pens (obviously) from Paperchase.

All in all I think it was a successful day!

Now I’m all cosy snuggled up in bed with a Jasmin Green Tea and one very tried Georgie who is fast asleep after a weekend of fun with Coco. Perfect end to the weekend. 🧡

I hope everyone else had a good weekend.

K x


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