My top 10 Halloween Movies 🎃

Hey hey! As we are now well into October and on our way to one of my favourite holidays, as well as being a lover of horror films, I thought I would share with you my top 10 Halloween movies! So sit back, grab your popcorn and a pillow should you need it… and I will begin…

(Don’t worry I won’t go into too much detail about the plots so that you can go away and watch them yourselves.)

Trick r Treat

Trick r Treat is my absolute favourite Halloween movie, I watch it every Halloween without fail and have done for that last 5 or so years. Something about all the little short stories which all seem to intertwine or are some how connected keeps your attention right until the end. It also has everything, vampires, werewolves and even a cute little pumpkin monster who I absolutely love!

Shaun of the Dead

I LOVE Zombie films and Shaun of the Dead is pure comical genius! I could watch this film over and over again it’s so funny! I don’t know if it’s really classed as a Halloween film but I’m putting it on here because it has Zombies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

For me this is both a Halloween and Christmas film – my two favourite holidays in one! It’s also child friendly, I introduced my 2 year old godson to the Nightmare Before Christmas last year, but I don’t think he was quite old enough to appreciate it so I shall have to try again this year.

I even carved my pumpkin to look like Jack Skellington last year.


Its goes without saying, it’s a classic slasher film! The story of Micheal Myres contains a good mixture of scares and gore as well as being set on Halloween, when Micheal returns to his home town in the hunt for his next victim.


Another classic here, similar the old folk tale of Bloody Mary (said to appear behind you should you say her name three times into the mirror) should you say Beetlejuice three times the devious ghost will appear and reeks havoc for a recently deceased couple haunting their previous home.

The Woman in Black

When they announced that they were making the Woman in Black into a an on-screen production I was over the moon, I originally saw it performed live in London and I thought it was so good and realistic (there were some points through the show I actually believed the Woman in Black was going to appear under my seat!) and they have done so well to capture this in the movie. So if you do ever get a chance to see it live in a theatre I highly recommend. The opening scene when the black cloaked figure slowly glided down the aisle in the audience gave me chills I will never forget…

The Corpse Bride

Another child friendly Halloween film by the amazing Tim Burton and it’s quite light hearted with lots of songs and laughs along the way, a family favourite in my household.

Edward Scissor Hands

Another Tim Burton film (can you see the pattern here?) This is another film that could also be considered a Christmas film in a way due to the time of the year some of the film is set. But it definitely pulls on the heart strings, poor Edward.

The Conjuring

My favourite jump scare movie! And how the films are based on actual paranormal events really fascinates me (I know some people don’t believe in the paranormal and I know that some events are dramatised or made up completely, but it still fascinates me.)

Candy Man

Another classic which isn’t as well known as I thought it would be. Again like the Bloody Mary folk law – if you say Candy Man into the mirror five times he will appear behind you and kill the summoner with a hook in place of his right hand.

So those are my top 10 films for Halloween, I have to say it was hard to narrow them down to 10!

What are your favourite Halloween Movies? 👻

K x

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